Aree all sins Equal in the Eyes of God?!

 My Protestant friend wants to know "Are all sins equal in the eyes of God?"

 They are (Jas2:10-11) !
 They are not (Mat10:15; Mat12:31; 1Co6:18; 1Jn5:16) !!

 Is there a cotradiction? not a bit, as it is just an ostensible discrepancy !!!

 Sins are equal in the final destiny they lad to: Eternal death. They are not equal as to how difficult it is to repent from. how harmful consequences they leave, how more punishment they deserve.

 (discussion raised -- abridged)
 I thought it more complex than that!

 Unless you think that I make out sins to be of a hierarchical nature, which I do not, then I can find where we agree but I fail to spot where we disagree! (Complexities arise from a preassumption that it is there as it takes sometihng mystical or sophisticated to explain. However, it is as simple as the context of the scriputres quoted above speak.)
   In Christ,,,

                                                                    P. Eng. Basil Lamie (aka C. Mark) !

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